Galaxy Fold’s Foldable Phone Revolution Has a Bad Start

Reviewers of the Galaxy Fold’s foldable phone are not giving the revolutionary smartphone good words just a week before the $1980 device hits the stores. The foldable phone by Samsung has been eight years in the making.

One of the complaints by reviewers is that the Galaxy Fold is showing severe screen problems.  Some have had the fold screens break while in others the screens have flickered and/or turned black.

Although this presents the worst possible start for the introduction of the next big thing in smartphones, the problem isn’t completely Samsung’s. Apparently their new foldable phones come with a layer of protective coating for the main 7.3 inch display and some reviewers removed it thinking that it was just a piece of film for protection in shipping.

Avi Greengart, lead analyst at Techsponential, says this failure puts a damper on what could have been a really exciting launch for a new product category and that Samsung should have anticipated this could happen. However, he says that this problem can easily be resolved with warnings in the box and even during the sale.

Samsung says it will inspect the broken or damaged Galaxy Fold devices. It stated that in removing the protective layer of film or adding any adhesives to the main display could cause damage to the screen. The company says it will make sure that this information is clearly made to customers cautioning then to not remove the protective layer of film.

Samsung is not new to quality control issues. When it launched its Galaxy Note 7, it faced exploding and catching on fire issues, so this problem with its foldable is’t as bad – no one’s life will be in danger.

At least Samsung was wise in sending its foldable phone to reviewers before launching it and it can examine what’s happened. But the drive to be first on the market with a new device actually backfired causing all the innovations that will come with the Galaxy Fold to be overlooked for the time being.

Stephen Baker, who is an analyst with NPD says that Samsung should be applauded for pushing the bounds for what is usually on the market, whether it was the Note 7 or now the foldable. However, he does agree that it’s a big failure on Samsung’s part to not be well prepared nor does it speak well of their appreciation of how the tech press would see this problem.

This puts a damper as well for other companies who are in the process of producing their own models of foldable phones, such as Huawei and Motorola. Hopefully they will have learned from Samsung’s experience.