Ralph Lauren Unveils Plastic Bottle Shirt

It’s been 47 years since Ralph Lauren came out with his version of the polo shirt,  and now to do its part in protecting the earth’s environment, Polo Ralph Lauren has introduced a polo shirt, Earth Polo, made completely of recycled plastic bottles which is also dyed through a process that uses no water.

The youngest son of Ralph Lauren, David Lauren, who is also the Chief Innovation Officer for the company says that their employees and customers are really desiring the company to step up in doing its part in the fight against global warming and what’s happening all over the wold.  He says that the Earth Polo shirts are a wider strategy of new environmental achievements throughout their manufacturing process.

With the announcement of the Earth Polo shirts, RalphLauren is committing the company to removing some 170 million bottles from landfills and oceans by 2025.  Each shirt which is manufactured in Taiwan uses at least 12 bottles.

Polo Ralph Lauren is in partnership with First Mile which is an organization that collects the plastic bottles, turns them into yarn and then fabric. Other existing performance wear clothes will also be using the new fiber to wisk away moisture.

In celebration of the upcoming Earth Day which falls on Monday,  April 22ndthis year, Earth Polo shirts, which come in green, white, navy and light blue for both men and women went on sale Thursday, April 18th.

Over the years, Ralph Lauren has taken on several environmental initiatives but currently it is being even more strategic in changing its corporate culture as well as how it thinks regarding the production of its line of clothing, says Halide Alagoz,the company’s new supply chain and sustainability officer. More details of these changes, she says, will be released this coming June.

Ralph Lauren also has future plans of using 100 percent sustainably sourced cotton by 2025 as well as using 100 percent sustainably sourced materials for all its packaging.

Although the company is not a member of the charter (Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action) of fashion companies which was formed late last year at the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Poland, it is exploring the group’s call to action.

By doing its part in using recycled plastic bottle fabric for its Earth Polo shirts, it hopes the impact of turning plastic bottles into recycled microfibers will be a much less risk to the environment especially to water and sea life.  A huge threat to oceans involves the trillions of plastic chemicals being exposed to sea life.

Lauren says that for Earth Polo it is all about recycling and reusing.