Stop Wearing Your Airpods At The Gym?

One of Apple’s best inventionsit has developed over the years are their Airpods. Airpod users wear them everywhere. You see them wearing them walking, jogging, commuting on busses or trains, while driving or taking calls whether they are inside or outside of their workplaces.

AirPods to most users seem the best headphones to use while exercising because they are comfortable and fit snug in their ears and sometimes they actually forget they have them plugged into their ears. And even the advertisements put out by Apple show someone running with them.

One of the most common places to use Airpods is at the gym while working out. However, users shouldn’t use them while they are exercising and here are a couple reasons why.

First of all they are not sweat proof nor are they water-resistant.  At the present time there are no official internet protocol (IP) ratings regarding water or dust and so users should not expect their AirPods to last for a very long period of time after their Airpods have come into contact with sweat or other liquids.

There is no coverage under Apple warranties for water damage due to sweat or other liquids so expect to replace each broken AirPodby shelling out $70 a piece. And if the normal AirPod case gets damaged it will cost $60 to replace and then $70 to replace the new wireless case that was introduced this year.

Of course we don’t all sweat alike.  Some people may hardly sweat at all but just remember that if you do and you choose to workout with them snd they get damaged you won’t have a safety net like a warranty to fall back on.

Another reason to not use AirPods at the gym while exercising is that although you have them plugged into your ears, your AirPods do not provide insulation from noise. Your AirPods will be competing with noises from treadmills, machines and people’s voices and so the natural thing to do is to crank up the volume which is not good for your ears.

Rather than AirPods, active headphones or earbuds do a better job of sealing off background noise and Business Insider writer, Dave Smith, recommends Master & Dynamic’s MW07’s for wireless earbuds which are advertised even as ‘splash resistant.’

Smith also recommends Urbanears’ Hellas, which are wireless over-ear headphones and onlycost $60, which is the kind he uses.

Future exercise friendly EarPods are due to be coming out like the JBL’s Endurance Peakand the Beats’ Powerbeats Pro.