Target Expects to Hire More Seasonal Workers Than Last Year

Early this week, retail giant Target said they plan to hire more at least 130,000 seasonal workers to help them meet the increased demand of the holiday shopping season.  This is a little higher than the 120,000 workers they hired in 2018.  

Specifically, the big-box retailer described that approximately 125,000 of these jobs will cover openings on the sales floor.  Another 8,000-or-so will help cover the needs at distribution and fulfillment centers all over the country.  Effectively, the company also says that they expect online order fulfillment will likely double this season, which will require more assistance throughout their 1,800 US stores.  

According to Target chief human resources officer Melissa Kremer, “It’s critical we build the right team across our stores and supply chain to deliver an exceptional holiday experience for our guests during the busiest time of the year.”

With the job market getting more competitive, Target plans to make these openings more enticing with a minimum wage of at least $13 per hour, regardless of the location. Keep in mind that this is nearly twice the federal minimum wage of $7.25. This plan keeps the retailer on track to reach a guaranteed company-wide minimum hourly wage of $15 by the end of next year. 

Target also offers other employment incentives, even for part-time and seasonal workers. Obviously, Target team members get a discount (10 percent, to start) but employees also receive a 20 percent discount on “wellness” products.  This discount encourages the purchase of healthy organic foods and workout gear, obviously as part of a strategy to keep workers healthy. 

In addition to this, though, Target has also revealed a plan to invest $2 million in its employee appreciation program aimed specifically at the holiday season. The program will include an opportunity for seasonal workers to win a $250 Target gift card as well as choosing where Target will make an equivalent donation to charity.