PS4 Firmware Update 7.00 Improves Party and Remote Play Features

Sony’s Playstation 4 home entertainment console continues to dominate the industry and its latest firmware update is certainly helping to cement its leadership.  The latest version, which is 7.00, launches this week around the world and it promises the most desirable—and expansive—features for the system yet. 

For one, the new Sony Playstation 4 7.00 firmware update will have a new party feature.  Or, rather, the existing Party feature has been rebuilt to expand the player size to 16.  Doubling the 8-person limit as it stands today, the feature also improves network connectivity and audio quality and also adds accessibility support with new Chat Transcription (for US users only). 

Looking at this more specifically, the expanded Party feature would not function well without better—and more consistent—network connectivity.  Effectively, this update addresses issues that many users experienced in previous gaming sessions in terms of connecting with other users.  

What might be the most surprising new feature—one you didn’t know you wanted but will be happy to see it—is the new Chat Transcription feature in the Party App. This feature will bring Chat Transcription to the PS4 Second Screen App on your Android smartphone and other mobile devices.  The new option supports US English transcription, converting party voice chat to text form; it also enables you to enter text via speaking aloud to other party members.  The update also brings a new Party tab to an Android device connected to the PS4 during Party play.  

But the biggest update is probably one that you have been waiting for, but did not know when it was coming:  Remote Play is here. For PS4 users who want to stream games on their mobile devices, Remote Play is now available for smartphones and tablets running Android OS version 5.0 or higher.  All you have to do is download the PS4 Remote Play App from Google Play store and the feature will be quickly available and ready on your phone. 

Of course, this feature was already available on Apple iOS devices for iPhone and iPad but Apple’s Remote Play App has been updated to show a controller, at all times, on the display. It also locks screen orientation in the process (to prevent the screen from automatically rotating if you move the phone while using the app).