Salesforce and Apple’s partnership gives birth to new things.

Salesforce is an American cloud-based company that provides customer-relationship management (CRM) services and is thought to be one of the biggest software vendors.

Salesforce puts on an annual customer conference called Dreamforce and at last year’s event, Salesforce and Apple announced their plans of working together to enhance Salesforce products that are running on Apple devices.

At this year’s Dreamforce conference this week, both companies announced the fruits of their labor for two new tools that are for general availability that they had announced last year’s conference.

First off though, Apple has been working with Salesforce in redesigning the Salesforce Mobile app to build into it Apple iOS features such as using Siri shortcuts to get work done faster by using voice rather than typing which has in the past been somewhat awkward to accomplish on a mobile device.

Now, you might say, ’Siri, next sales meeting,” and Siri will connect with Salesforce’s CRM and tell you the date, time, who your meeting is with, the company and whether or not, (using the Einstein opportunity score) your chances are good to make a sale that day or sometime soon.

Also, the Salesforce Mobile app uses Apple’s Handoff feature to note changes  across devices immediately as well as using Apple’s Face ID for easy access to the app.

Einstein Voice is Salesforce’s artificial intelligence layer which Salesforce will be implementing as a pilot of its Salesforce Mobile app. It will allow reps to not only enter notes but also add tasks and update the CRM database using voice. The voice feature of Einstein Voice uses natural language interpretation to understands what the rep is asking.

Over 1000 companies participated in the pilot program with the updated app, which is the largest pilot program in the history of Salesforce.

The company’s new development platform SDK (software development kit), is specifically built for iOS and IPadOS and will be using the Swift language, it was announced. The purpose is to provide Salesforce developers with the tech ability to not only build apps for iPad and iPhones but also to be able to package them with a new tool that’s called Swift UI and Package Manager.

Salesforce has a mobile version of its online learning platform and it’s called Trailhead Go which was specifically designed for the iPad and iPhone. Built with the new Mobile SDK, it will allow users to access the same courses that are on the web in a mobile device context. It will also allow Handoffs between all devices and it will also support picture-in-picture and split-view for multi-tasking.

Salesforce Mobile and Trailhead Go are available for free starting today and may be accessed through the iOS App store. Later this year the Salesforce SDK will be made available.